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Paper Cup Fan Waterproof PE Coated Raw Material for Paper Coffee Cup Paper Fan

Paper Cup Fan Waterproof PE Coated Raw Material for Paper Coffee Cup Paper Fan

Overview Paper Cup Fan Waterproof Pe Coated Raw Material For Paper Coffee Cup Paper FanOur main products are single and ;
Basic Info.
Model NO. JW-FAN
Warranty >3 Years
Customized Customized
Transport Package Box
Specification 160-330GSM; 2OZ-24OZ
Trademark JIANWEI
Origin China
HS Code 4823909000
Production Capacity 5000tons/Month
Product Description

Paper Cup Fan Waterproof PE Coated Raw Material for Paper Coffee Cup Paper Fan

Paper Cup Fan Waterproof Pe Coated Raw Material For Paper Coffee Cup Paper FanOur main products are single and double side white film paper, printing and packaging coils and other disposable paper cups, paper bowls, catering boxes and other semi-finished products. Among them, the printing adopts the international advanced environment-friendly flexo printing technology and equipment, the printing ink chooses the non-toxic and odorless water-based ink, fully embodies the advanced production technology and the concept of environmental protection.

Detailed Photos

1. PE/PLA coated
2. Oem size
3. 1-6 color flexo printed
4.Offset printed
5. Blank fans
6. Pack in plastic woven bag, wooden pallet or cartons7. Net fan and Gross fan

Paper Cup Fan Waterproof PE Coated Raw Material for Paper Coffee Cup Paper Fan

Producing Process

Paper Cup Fan Waterproof PE Coated Raw Material for Paper Coffee Cup Paper Fan

Paper cup fan production process:1.PE coating: Using the PE machine to coated the base paper with PE, we can do single-PE can also do double-PE, according to customer demand2.Printing: The printing of various designs on a roll or sheet of coated paper by a flexo printing machine or Offset printing machine3.Die Cutting: Die - cut the printed coated paper roll out according to the fan - shaped die - cutting diagram4.Manual tearing: with hands to tear the die - cut printing paper ,along the die - cutting edge tear into fan - shaped pieces5.Packing: Put the finished paper cup fans in carton

Company Profile

Paper Cup Fan Waterproof PE Coated Raw Material for Paper Coffee Cup Paper Fan

Henan Jianwei Paper Co.,Ltd. established in 2017 and located in Jiaozuo, Henan, China. We are professional manufacturer engaged in the development, production, sale and service of PE coated paper roll, paper cup bottom, paper cup fan and Paper bowl.Among all products, PE coated paper roll is one of the most frequently imported products by customers. 100% virgin wood pulp with high quality surface coating suitable for printing and any shape of cups. We have three PE coating machines: With production capacity of 60000 tons/year for single side PE coating and double sides PE coating. PE coated paper is widely used for different industrial area, for examples, cup paper, bowl paper, for baking paper,PE coated paper ,wrapping paper and so on.PE coated paper roll production process is also very simple. When the customer decides the wide and gram weight they need, we will contact the base paper manufacturer to help them purchase paper. The base paper manufacturer will deliver raw paper to our factory in about 15-20 days. Once raw materials are received from our factory, we will produce PE coated paper roll based on customer width and gram weight. Our factory currently has three high-speed film washing machines, 16 individuals responsible for producing paper roll, can produce 200 tons of film film paper per day.Our products are all accepted to be custom-made, PE coated paper roll for gram weight, width, paper diameter, core size, PE thickness, paper brand, etc., these are up to the customer. Whatever customer needs, we can provide for you. Of course, customers in many countries need to thicken the PE to 18g, and most customers with 15g PE is enough, due to the market is different, some customers need 18g or even more thick PE, which we can provide, but the price is more expensive compared to 15g PE. Some customers need double PE for PE coated paper roll (double pe is suitable for cold drink packaging, the most common is the ice cream box, and single PE coated paper roll is suitable for hot drink packaging, such as coffee paper cups.) Customers can decide their own purchasing needs according to the products they want to make.From raw materials to finished products, we strictly follow the mature production technology and equipment operation procedures to ensure stable product quality and improve customer satisfaction. With advanced professional instruments, we monitor the entire production process online. Find problems, provide solutions in a timely manner, and ensure that qualified products are provided to customers through scientific sampling testing.

Paper Cup Fan Waterproof PE Coated Raw Material for Paper Coffee Cup Paper Fan

In our production plant area which is covering more than 20,000 square meters,It can hold 8000tons raw paper. We have 3 intelligent high-speed laminating machines, 2 cross-cutting machines, 4 printing machines, 2 slitting machines and 6 die-cutting machines. It has formed a complete production chain which is from food-grade base paper to paper-plastic compounding, printing, slitting, cross-cutting and die-cutting, etc. During the producing process, everyone need to wear the non-dust mat to enter the workshop, then sanitize their hands with alcohol. We have rigorous operating method, perfect and unified process, to produce all kinds of high quality paper products.We mainly produce single- and double-sided coated paper, gold and silver foil coated paper, printing and packaging coils, disposable paper cups, paper bowls, semi-finished products of catering boxes, finished products and other high value-added eco-friendly paper products. And our annual production capacity can reach more than 50,000 tons. All the production lines of the company have reached the national quality management system certification, and a number of technological innovations have obtained national patents..

In the tide of global trade, Henan Jianwei Paper CO.,LTD is rooted in the fertile soil of PE coated paper roll, paper cup fan, paper cup bottom industry, giving full play to the advantages of the company's technical talents, and taking the market as an opportunity to continuously develop and grow. Over the years, with the joint efforts of all employees, the quality of our products has been continuously improved and developed, and has been recognized by the market and praised by users.At present, there are 106 employees in the production workshop of our factory. Henan Jianwei's production team has 6 departments, namely laminating department, flexo printing department, die-cutting department, slitting department, flat-cutting department, offset printing and die-cutting department, among which 3 high-speed laminating machines can be production capacity is 200 tons, and the production is operated by 16 workers. There are 15 employees in the printing process, two high-speed five-color printing machines and one high-speed six-color printing machine, which can print at least 200 tons of cup pieces per day; the die-cutting department of our factory is in charge of 15 employees, and produces paper cup fan in every day sheet100 tons. The slitting department has 6 people operating 2 ultra-high-speed slitting machines, with an average daily production of 80 tons of paper cup bottom. The flat cutting department produces 60 tons of PE coated paper in sheet per day, with five experienced employees operating 2 flat cutting machines. The flexo printing and offset printing department is a new department we opened last year. There are currently 7 employees in charge of two flexo printing machines and die-cutting machines. In addition, we also have 42 employees including warehouse administrators, forklift masters, logistics department, merchandisers, domestic sales, foreign sales, purchases, and repairers.Henan Jianwei Paper Co., Ltd. has gathered a group of professional elites who manufacture paper roll and paper cup fan, and the most dedicated processing technicians, who are always ready to provide a perfect production plan for your company. Our team provides timely and comprehensive services to our customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We source and supply a range of food grade paper packaging products for the food service disposable market worldwide.All of our products are exported to Australia, America, Canada, Egypt ,Europe,France, the UK, Sweden,Saudi Arabia,the UAE,Turkey,Lebanon and the other more than 150 countries and regions. The good quality, competitive prices and friendly services are always feedback from customers.We will persist in the concept of "Paper, for better life" all the time to create quality enterprise; and will continue providing more and better services and products for customers.For the First order, usually, if the order items is PE coated paper roll and paper sheet, delivery time can be within 20 days. If order items is paper cup fan, delivery time can be within 25 days, as the paper cup fan requires the printing, die cutting procedures, so there is 5 more days. We fully understand that time is money, in future orders, we can also prepare the regular raw materials in advance in stock, to save the time of materials purchasing process, so that the delivery time can be shorter,15 days like that.Please kindly note we welcome your further request for more information. It's our sincere wish that we can know each otherbetter,and work together in the near future.

We use the latest manufacturing technology processes and equipment aimed to produce the highest quality and safest food containers. Our food service packages are food-grade which meets the COR, TUV, CE, FSC, FDA, SGS food safety standards. All products follow strict hygiene standards. Products are designed to suit the market while maintaining at a competitive cost.

Packaging & Shipping

The completed paper cups fans will be packed into a small carton in batches, which is not easy to damage and easy to move and transport. The carton is lined with a plastic bag for sealing, so that the cups in the carton will be waterproof and moisture-proof. At the same time, the small boxes will be tied together with plastic film before they are loaded into containers for long-distance transportation. So that they will stay together, not easy to fall apart. When we are loading, a supporting pallet will be placed at the bottom of the boxes to facilitate crane handling for packing and unloading.

Our Advantages

Henan Jianwei Paper Co., Ltd. is the largest manufacturing and sales of paper products factory in Henan Province.As the NO. 1 coating factory, we have the following advantages:1-Our professional and excellent producing team is more than 100 persons, and international sales team is more than 10 persons with 13 years exporting expenrience.2-We have channels to get the lowest price of raw paper, with experienced technology to control all the cost, that's why we can offer lowest price in China.3-Professional QC team can control the quality before delivery.4-More than 8000 tons stock paper which can guarantee the delivery on time.5-24 hours online serive, you can check price and details easily.6-We responsible for every paper we have sold out, once there is aftersale problem, we will sove it immediately whether it is video support or on-site support.Henan Jianwei Paper Co., Ltd. is your best partener!

Q1: Can you do design for me?A1:Yes, our professional designer can make design for free according to your requirements.Q2:How can I get a sample?A2:We provide free samples for you checking the printing and quality of the paper cups, but the express cost need to be collected.Q3: What's the lead time ?A3:About 10-15 daysQ4:What's the best price you can offer?A4:Please tell us what's the size, paper material and quantity do you like. And send us your design. We will give you a competitive price.

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