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C018 Soil Single Lever Consolidation Instrument

C018 Soil Single Lever Consolidation Instrument

The instrument is used for soil compression test to determine the relationship between soil deformation and pressure or ;
Basic Info.
Model NO. C018
Methods Using The Weight Loading Lever 120
Weight 15kg
Deformation of Soil Sample Dial Indicator Range 0-10mm
Gradation Loading 12.5kpa-400kpa
Precision 0~1kpa
Model Number C018
Product Name Soil Single Lever Consolidation
Transport Package Export Wooden Case
Specification 680 *340*570mm
Trademark Zealchon
Origin China
Production Capacity 10000 Pieces/Year
Product Description

The instrument is used for soil compression test to determine the relationship between soil deformation and pressure or pore ratio and pressure, deformation and time, in order to calculate the unit settlement of soil, compression coefficient, compression index, rebound index, compression mode. The amount, the consolidation factor, etc., the measurement items depend on the needs of the project.Main structure :The sample area is 30cm²and 50cm² . The height is 2cm, and the graded loading is from 12.5kPa to 400kPa.Therefore, there are 13 weights attached, and the weight plate is the first stage loading (12.5kPa at 30 o'clock).The lever ratio of the instrument is 1:20, and a balance mechanism is attached. When the soil sample is pressed down, the adjustable lever can be kept horizontal to ensure the accuracy of the load at each level.Instrument characteristics: relatively light, suitable for on-site use at the site, the instrument itself has a net weight of 11kg, with an instrument box, and a set of weights of 10.84kg.Instrument dimensions: length × width × height = 500 × 170 × 380mm
product structure
30cm² Soil sample test pressurization sequence
Pressurization sequenceWeight quality(kg)Soil sample with unit pressure(Kpa)
qualityquantityTotal quality
10.1911(Hanging tray)0.19112.5

50cm² Soil sample test pressurization sequence
Pressurization sequenceWeight quality(kg)
Soil sample with unit pressure(Kpa)
qualityquantityTotal quality
10.1911(Hanging tray)0.31912.5

C018 Soil Single Lever Consolidation Instrument

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ExhibitionShipment Service & Support
1. Quality warranty: Zealchon commits that testing machine is fabricated with fine grade materials and top notch workmanship. It is brand new, never used, and in full compliance with the quality provision.
Warranty is 12 months starting from the date of final acceptance of the goods/commissioning of machine.
2. Technical training: Operating Manual of testing instrument
3. After-sale service Over the years, Zealchon has sold testing instruments to many global users.
The following physical damage is not covered by warranty. a) instrument is impacted by great force that the internal impact sensor changes from white to red; b) Detector is broken c) Instrument body is broken; d) Loss of accessories; e) Loss of components ;f) Water coming into instrument.

4. In case the instrument is not able to operate, the customer can call after-sales service for help;
we offer 3 types of repairs: a) Internet repair: if the customers are in foreign countries or remote areas, we can offer them first the INTERNET repair service. b) Phone repair: customers called over the phone to explain explicitly the problem and our technical staff will instruct them to solve the problem. c) On-site repair: in case the phone repair fails, our technical personnel will go to the site to repair the instrument within 72 hours after the problem is reported;
5. Out-of-warranty service: upon expiry of the warranty period, all customers are still entitled to out-of-warranty service during the working life of the instrument.
6.Privilege in out-of-warranty service: customers shall have the privilege to get a preferential prices on the components when they maintain their instrument during the out-of-warranty period as long as they maintained it beforehand.

C018 Soil Single Lever Consolidation Instrument

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