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Agricultural Analysis System Soil NPK Trace Elemental Nutrient Test Testing Instrument

Agricultural Analysis System Soil NPK Trace Elemental Nutrient Test Testing Instrument

Overview Product Description Agricultural analysis system soil NPK trace elemental nutrient test testing instrument I. T;
Basic Info.
Model NO. FK-HT300
Frequency 1.8GHz
Performance Semi-automatic
Function Storage
Weight 470*340*210mm
Power Source AC220V±22V
Customized Customized
Power 5W
Range and Resolution 0.001 - 9999
Color Black
Transport Package Carton Packaging
Specification 470*340*210mm 6.5kg
Trademark Fangke
Origin Weifang
HS Code 9015800090
Production Capacity 1500
Product Description
Product Description

Agricultural analysis system soil NPK trace elemental nutrient test testing instrument

I. Testing itemsSoil: soil ammonium nitrogen, soil effective phosphorus, soil potassium, soil nitrate nitrogen, soil hydrolysed nitrogen, soil total nitrogen, soil total phosphorus, soil total potassium, soil organic matter (Churin method), soil organic matter (leaching method), soil calcium, soil magnesium, soil sulphur, soil silicon, soil boron, soil iron, soil copper, soil manganese, soil zinc, soil chlorine, soil molybdenum, soil lead, soil arsenic, soil chromium, soil cadmium, soil mercury, soil nickel, soil aluminium, soil fluorine, soil titanium, soil selenium, PH, salinity, moisture, soil mercury, soil nickel, soil aluminium, soil fluorine, soil titanium, soil selenium, PH, salinity, moisture.Fertilizers: ammonium nitrogen in nitrogen fertilizers, nitrate nitrogen in fertilizers, urea nitrogen, diurea, phosphorus in phosphorus fertilizers, water-soluble phosphorus in phosphorus fertilizers, potassium in potash fertilizers, total nitrogen in compound fertilizers, total phosphorus in compound fertilizers, total potassium in compound fertilizers, total nitrogen in organic fertilizers, total phosphorus in organic fertilizers, total potassium in organic fertilizers, nitrate nitrogen in organic fertilizers, fast-acting phosphorus in organic fertilizers, fast-acting potassium in organic fertilizers, acid-dissolved nitrogen in organic fertilizers, organic matter, water-soluble humic acid (weathered coal), water-soluble humic acid ( lignite), water-soluble humic acid (peat), free state humic acid (weathered coal), free state humic acid (lignite), free state humic acid (peat), total nitrogen for water soluble fertilizer, total phosphorus for water soluble fertilizer, total potassium for water soluble fertilizer, total nitrogen for foliar fertilizer, total phosphorus for foliar fertilizer, total potassium for foliar fertilizer, nitrogen in water, phosphorus in water, potassium in water, nitrogen in water (turbid), phosphorus in water (turbid), potassium in water (turbid), calcium for fertilizer, magnesium for fertilizer, magnesium for fertiliser sulphur, fertiliser silicon, fertiliser boron, fertiliser iron, fertiliser copper, fertiliser manganese, fertiliser zinc, fertiliser chlorine, fertiliser lead, fertiliser arsenic, fertiliser chromium, fertiliser cadmium, fertiliser mercuryCrop: crop nitrate nitrogen, crop ammonium nitrogen, crop phosphorus, crop potassium, crop calcium, crop magnesium, crop sulphur, crop silicon, crop boron, crop iron, crop copper, crop manganese, crop zinc, crop chlorinePlant: total plant nitrogen, total plant phosphorus, total plant potassium

2,technical parameters1. Power supply: AC 220±22V DC 12V+5V (instrument built-in 4800mAH high-capacity lithium battery)2. Power: ≤5W3. Range and resolution: 0.001-99994. Repeatability error: ≤0.03% (0.0003, potassium dichromate solution)5. Instrument stability: the instrument does not need to be warmed up, and the drift is less than 0.3% within one hour (0.003, transmittance measurement). The instrument shows no drift within one hour of power-on (transmittance measurement), and the digital drift does not exceed 0.3% within two hours (transmittance measurement), 0.001 (absorbance measurement);6. Linearity error: ≤0.1% (0.001, copper sulphate detection)7. sensitivity: red light ≥ 4.5 × 10-5 blue light ≥ 3.17 × 10-3 green light ≥ 2.35 × 10-3 orange light ≥ 2.13 × 10-38. Red light: 680±2nm; blue light: 420±2nm; green light: 510±2nm; orange light: 590±4nm9. Display screen resolution: 1024*60010. Anti-vibration level of the instrument: IP6511. PH value (pH): (1) Test range: 1~14 (2) Accuracy: 0.01 (3) Error: ±0.112. Salt content (conductivity): (1) Test range: 0--9999 (ppm) (2) Error: ± 2%13. Soil moisture technical parameters moisture unit: %(g/100g); moisture content test range: 0-100 %; error less than 0.5%14. soil nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium error ≤ 1%, organic matter error ≤ 2%, trace elements error ≤ 5%III. Function introduction★1. Operating system: Android 5.1 operating system, quad-core processor main control, CPU main frequency ≥ 1.8Ghz, 16G large-capacity memory, fast running speed, strong stability, no lagging card phenomenon, the manufacturer to provide the program's computer software copyright certificate.2.7.0 inch colour LCD display (resolution: 1024*600), backlight visible to facilitate field experimental operation, instrument external size: 470*340*210mm; instrument panel size 432*292mm.★3. Built-in bilingual display in English and Chinese, one key switch, seamless.★4. Dual protection of password login and fingerprint login, multiple accounts can be set up according to requirements to safeguard the security and classification of the test data.5. Dual protection of password login and fingerprint login, multiple accounts can be set up according to demand, securing and classifying inspection data.6. Built-in clock chip, which can automatically calibrate the time when connected to WIFI, and can display the current year, month, day, hour and minute synchronously to ensure that the detection data can be traced.★7. GPS positioning function: it can display the satellite positioning latitude and longitude in real time to clarify the current detection position.8. Data printing: Built-in thermal printer (no need to replace the ribbon) can print out information such as testing items, testing units, testing personnel, testing time, channel number, absorbance, nutrient content (mg/kg), and two-dimensional code.★9. The instrument is equipped with a dual USB interface for exporting historical test data. When viewed on a computer, it is presented in a table.★10. Equipped with a mobile phone WeChat applet to view all historical uploaded data.11. Built-in diagnostic chart for common cash crops, with details of the chart in case of deficiency of 9 elements, allowing visual foliar comparison for abundance and deficiency diagnosis.12. The sample pre-treatment operation steps are all built in, so that testers can operate step by step according to the instrument's prompts without having to check the manual, making it more suitable for novice operators. The built-in calibration function in the test steps eliminates the need for manual calibration or on/off calibration, ensuring test accuracy.★13. Built-in independent sample processing operation video, click on the main interface of the instrument to watch, one-to-one instruction.14. Built-in soil formula fertilisation system, which can be used to calculate soil formula fertilisation directly after the test is completed; at the same time, it has a separate formula fertilisation calculation module; the instrument has built-in standard nutrient values for more than 100 common economic crops and built-in fertilisation correction coefficients, which can calculate the fertilisation amount for the target yield and thus guide agricultural production; the soil formula fertilisation results can be printed, and the printed content includes crop type, fertiliser type, target yield, total demand and recommended fertilisation scheme, The results can be printed, including crop type, fertiliser type, target yield, total demand and recommended fertiliser application programme.15. AC/DC dual-use power supply, the instrument has a built-in large-capacity lithium battery, which can work continuously for 10 hours under a full charge.★16. External voltage display panel can directly display the instant detection voltage to ensure the stability of the testing environment and guarantee the accuracy of testing; and with power failure protection function, in case of sudden power failure, the data can be stored automatically to prevent data loss.17. 4 kinds of special experimental light sources (red, blue, green and orange), with stable light source wavelengths, long life of 100,000 hours level, good reproducibility and high accuracy.★18. 4-channel fixed colourimetric cell (solidification module), the colourimetric cell is integrated with the instrument, no mechanical displacement and wear, to ensure detection accuracy, the channel needs to be consistent with the light source, there are and will be only 4 detection channels.★19. The colourimetric cell is housed in a sunken, sealed chamber with a 15.7cm diameter circular shading plate that covers the full range of shading to avoid light leakage affecting the accuracy of the test during the experiment and to ensure accurate test results.20. High strength PVC engineering plastic suitcase design, strong and durable, easy to carry, can be field mobile testing.Company Profile

Shandong Fangke Instruments Co.,ltd is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the development of agricultural information technology in China. The company has established an advanced agricultural information technology product system covering agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, meteorology, soil testing, food safety testing, agricultural product quality tracing, plant physiology, water quality testing and analysis, etc. The company has established a research and development centre, modern plants and first-class production lines equipped with instruments Over the years, the company has always focused on technology research with independent core competitiveness, established a sales and service network covering all cities in China, and also established horizontal exchanges and cooperation with a number of well-known universities and research institutes in China, maintaining a leading position in the same industry in terms of technology.


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We are based in Shandong, China, start from 2014,sell to South Asia(20.00%),Eastern Asia(20.00%),Africa(20.00%),SoutheastAsia(20.00%),South America(10.00%),North America(10.00%). There are total about 301-500 people in our office.2. how can we guarantee quality?Always a pre-production sample before mass production;Always final Inspection before shipment;3.what can you buy from us?Soil nutrient tester,Environmental monitoring equipment,Water quality detector,Food safety detector,Plant Physiological Testing Equipment4. why should you buy from us not from other suppliers?Shandong Fangke instrument Co., Ltd. has a software product design and development team, focusing on software products with independent core technology and intellectual property.5. what services can we provide?Accepted Delivery Terms: FOB,CFR,CIF,EXW,CIP,FCA,DEQ,DDP;Accepted Payment Currency:USD,JPY,CAD,GBP,CNY;Accepted Payment Type: T/T,L/C;Language Spoken:English,Chinese,Spanish,Japanese,Portuguese,German,Arabic,French,Russian,Korean,Hindi,Italian

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