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Waterproofing the Village Town Center in Dallas, TX

Jun 19, 2023

The Village Town Center, originally developed by Lincoln Property Company has expanded and grown immensely since it originally opened in 1968 and fully developed by 1972. The Village Town Center was the place to be in the 70’s and 80’s for all the recent graduates and young professionals. The Village Town Center has always been known for its eye-catching architecture and higher end amenity features.

Lincoln’s founder Mack Pogue and an institutional partner, developer Phoenix Property Co., began working towards The Village Town Center’s 1.1 million-square-foot expansion in November of 2017, completing it four years later in 2020 during the rise of COVID-19.

The 1.1 million-square-foot expansion was intended to redevelop a historical residential community that needed to be modernized to match the current era. The extent of the redevelopment included a total of 330 new luxury apartments and townhomes, several new restaurants, The Village Golf Club including 18-holes of golf, two golf simulators and a bar, a boutique-style hotel, a two-story gym, an upgraded country club, several retail spaces, green spaces and more, making The Village Town Center an ideal place for anyone in the heart of East Dallas to live. All the Village sits over five large below-grade parking structures to reduce most of the on-grade parking. There will be even more to come in the future, since it isn’t fully built out yet.


Chamberlin Roofing & Waterproofing’s main role in The Village Town Center’s completion was through New Construction Waterproofing. Our scope included 147,755 SF of below grade waterproofing, 212,000 SF of rubberized hot-asphalt waterproofing, 345,500 SF of air barrier and 9,000 SF of pedestal pavers. Chamberlin used the following manufacturers and their products for production: Carlisle self-adhered sheet membrane for the below grade application, Tremco rubberized asphalt waterproofing systems, Henry permeable sheet air barrier and Wausau pedestal pavers. Our suppliers for our part of The Village Town Center were All-Tex and Silicone Specialties Inc. (SSI).

Scheduling & Teamwork

When there is multiple hands-on deck scheduling can be a tough task to tackle. In The Village Town Center’s case, “there were multiple buildings under-going work, with one superintendent assigned to each one,” said Chamberlin Roofing & Waterproofing Senior Superintendent, Jose Ortiz. There were 70-75 Chamberlin employees on-site, with their own safety team member on-site as well. Luckily through getting to know everyone on the project, all the manpower were collectively able to come together and collaborate with each other. This helped all the different teams execute great communication for the entirety of the project.


The Village Town Center was unfortunately going through its expansion when COVID-19 hit the United States. This not only resulted in sick employees, but it also meant the manpower on-site were forced into a new lifestyle where they needed to adapt and adjust to the CDC guidelines; as well as abide by new safety protocols. Another result of COVID-19 during this project was the new difficulty of getting project materials on time. There was a large slowdown of available project materials, as well as labor. Luckily, The Village Town Center was not a project that had any suspensions or terminations due to COVID-19. It was fortunate to have this project be completed in a timely and safe manner, to protect everyone involved with production.

Safety First

Chamberlin is dedicated to ensuring safety, quality and teamwork in both the office and in the field. Throughout this project Chamberlin crew members wore appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for all scopes of work on The Village Town Center. This included their hard hat, vest, long-sleeves, long pants, gloves and protective eyewear.

An additional tool used during The Village Town Center project was Chamberlin’s Safe Performance Self-Assessment (SPSA) process. SPSA combats the risks of unforseen conditions that arise during the workday and encourages workers to stop before beginning any and all tasks and go through the following mental steps:

Safety will always take top priority at Chamberlin to ensure the safety and well-being of our employees and those working with us.

Mission Accomplished

Although the Chamberlin crews and other trade employees working alongside us had to undergo adverse circumstances with COVID-19, they were still able to complete this project with zero safety incidents. Chamberlin’s attention to organization, and teamwork among everyone working on The Village Town Center helped us complete all of our scopes in a high-quality manner!

Featured Chamberlin Superintendent

During the completion of The Village Town Center project, Jose Ortiz, was our Senior Waterproofing & Caulking Superintendent assigned to the job. Since then, Jose has helped complete several other waterproofing projects for our Dallas office.

In recent months, Jose Ortiz, has been promoted to the Dallas Waterproofing Field Operations Manager position. Not only is this promotion well-deserved, but Jose has the proper knowledge, drive and commitment to help build upon the success of this office for years to come. We look forward to see what the future holds for Jose at Chamberlin Roofing & Waterproofing. Congratulations Jose, we are so proud of you!

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