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Nevada Globe Scoop: Tom Steyer Under VHR Investigation for Renting Home to First Family Without a Permit

Jun 11, 2023

Steyer could face $20,000 civil penalty per county ordinance if found to be in violation

By Megan Barth, August 21, 2023 3:31 pm

The Globe received a scoop this morning that a complaint was filed by a Douglas County resident with the Vacation Home Rental (VHR) Advisory Board against billionaire climate investor Tom Steyer, owner of the Glenbrook mansion that the First Family is renting while on a nine-day vacation in Lake Tahoe.

The complaint reportedly cites that Steyer does not have a VHR permit for his $18 million waterfront manse. If found to be in violation, Steyer could be subject to a $20,000 civil penalty per county ordinance.

In 2005, Douglas County enacted measures to control and manage the amount of VHR’s in the region by adopting a permit process and related regulations. VHRs are defined as properties that are rented on a short-term basis of 28 days or less; permits are limited to 600 within county limits.

This morning, The Globe reached out to the VHR board via email and received a reply from the Program Manager/Head of Code Enforcement Ernie Strehlow that states: “Several inquires have been received on this address. We cannot comment further as we are actively investigating any Douglas County Nevada code violations on this rental.”

The New York Post reported that the First Family was renting Steyer’s home for “fair market value” but it was “unclear how such a private transaction could be verified unless the terms are voluntarily disclosed by the parties.”

It is now clear that this active investigation may provide verification and any related violations.

Steyer, the California founder of Farallon Capital and co-founder of Onecalifornia Bank and Beneficial State Bank, was the single largest funder of efforts to impeach President Trump before deciding to seek the Democratic nomination himself in 2020. Our sister site California Globe made the case that Steyer’s campaign, which spent $3,373 per vote and earned zero delegates, may have been the least efficient in electoral history.

This is a developing story…

The leftists like Steyer have no regard for constitutional law much less a lowly county ordinance. They can’t be bothered with things that the rest of us ordinary folk are required to follow and do so attentively. The county should sock it to him.

No kidding Raymond!Now we know which leftist Incline Village Idiot loaned his house out. I hope he pays dearly for it! He and his globalist friends have ruined that area of Tahoe.Keep Tahoe Blue, Tommy.

Incline Village? 🤔

What, no jail time? For anybody? That’s a shame…

Where have you heard this: “NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW!!”

I forgot to add: Only if you are a leftist Democraptic puke. I have heard Douglas County is RED?

Oh, John, I HOPE so. Maybe they will throw the book at that arrogant annoying little insect. For once.

Originally it came from George Washington. He also made it tradition for a peaceful transition of power. A practice your false prophet, his vile cohorts and your fellow Maga gang members chose to stomp, alony with the Constitution, into dust on Jan 6, the day of Insurrection. In word and deed, the lifetime morally and fiscally bankrupt human being your worship as a God, has revealed neither Trump, you, and the rest of his Minions has no clue what’s in the Constitution. Like you, it appears both you stopped learning after 7th grade. He didn’t pass 8th grade and his $$$ parents sent him off to military school. Doubt you had that opportunity. But both of you share the same bigoted, intolerant, hateful, low class language skills. I sincerely doubt that neither Trump, you or the rest of your White Nationalist clan have or can read it. You all have been programmed to use it as toilet paper for your ignorant white asses. Due to words and deeds by Trump’ s fine Ayran Republicans, Patriot is now Code for Traitor.Thanks for outing your authentic self….

you can’t tell us who to vote for. who let the gates and doors open on Jan 6. I saw patriots waiving flags, not burning cars. The word “insurrection” used by you and them is just used for legal purposes.

Maybe YOU Linda Campbell should read the Constitution. It is ignorant leftist Democratic pukes that don’t understand the Constitution. As far as the White Nationalist clan the Dems own it along with the KKK, Jim Crow, Black voter suppression , and RACISTS like Joe Biden, George Wallace, Robert Byrd ( a KKK member ), Hillary Clinton and so many other Democraps. There was a real Insurrection at the Capitol on November 7, 1983 where a bomb was ignited in the United States Senate Building by Susan Rosenberg a member of the “May 19 Communist Order”. She was arrested years later and at the time of her arrest had in her possession over 700 pounds of explosives and fully automatic firearms. She was sentenced to over 40 years in prison but was given a Presidential Pardon by Bill Clinton A DEMOCRAT on his last day in office.

If you dig deep into how Steyer made his money its as murky (and probably as illegal) as Soros.

Steyer’s original “hedge funds” which first made him seriously wealthy have a very interesting history. When he first popped up more than a decade ago with his new Hedge Fund play by financing all the Anti Fracking propaganda (Steyer had made a counter play and needed expensive oil) his previous was history was interesting by what was n’t there.

With hedge funds its easy if you know where to look to find a very large amount of buy side and sell side research which gives a detailed breakdown of strategies, investments, returns etc. Never a problem find this info for the thousands of hedge fund out there. You dont even need a Bloomberg terminal. But apart from very vague hand-waving documents all other info about Steyer’s funds seemed to have been scrubbed from the internet. Steyer went to some effort to make sure that info was gone. Now the info about the coal industry plays and other stuff was out there in the general press but the real meat is always in the research. But it was all gone.

So my take is that Steyers billions were just as fraudulently or illegal acquired as the Soros billions were. And if you are a financial fraud who do you pay off to make sure the DOJ/SEC etc dont ask awkward politics. Why those big government politicians who control what the DOJ/SEC etc investigates. Its no accident that every billionaire who is a big time supporter of the Dem Party has broken the law to make their billions one way or another. In fact its a given.

Other fun fact. Steyer was one of the billionaires who financed Prop 47 that filled our streets with dangerous criminals. He gave $1M to the Prop 47 campaign fund. Although as usual it was Jerry Brown who was the bag man for both the Prop 47 and 57 fund raising . The list of big dollar doners is a very interesting list.

Thanks for sharing that info!He is an anti American scumbag! He got rich hedging against his fellow American workers.He beats the same drum as his fellow elitists that we are a backwards country and need to be more like our European counter parts. Whatever that means! The average European is not too happy with the global elite as well.

Tom Steyer founded Farallon Capital Management in1986. At one time they were attempting to ramrod an attempt to build a second pipeline from the Alberta tar sands to the port of Vancouver for export to China. In 2012 Steyer left Farallon and the next year he started NextGen America (originally called NextGen Climate).

This means he left an organization he founded, that was attempting to facilitate the sale of ‘dirty’ oil to the ChiComs, to start an organization that endorsed and supported Democrat politicians and their Green agenda. Quite a turnaround, don’t you think?

All of this information is available via Wikipedia and by researching The Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion.

The pipeline expansion was also endorsed and supported by Justin Trudeau because Canada could realize more money by selling its oil to the Chinese.

Instead, Trudeau sold his soul!

The Farallon Capital Management plays were mostly oil / coal based from what I remember and the only reason Steyer set up the new fund was to start a counter play strategy. This is standard Hedge Fund practice. Plus from what I remember Farallon were basically a typical bottom 95% operation (there are thousands of these) until one of the coal plays hit it big.

Anyway most of the money made in Hedge Funds is the 2% management fees and being able to evade tax using the Carried Interest loophole. Which is still there under a different name.

So one way to look at it is that Steyers billions either comes from money paid by desperate retirement funds trying to find the 7% yield they need to remain solvent (which they dont get from 98% of Hedge Funds / Private Equity investments) or money that should have been paid in tax if Hedge Funds were run like legitimate businesses.

So Steyer is the worst sort of social parasite.

I covered Steyer in 2019, when he announced he was running for President:“Billionaire climate change activist Tom Steyer made his fortune investing in the energy sector, through his hedge fund company, the Farallon Capital Management fund, which Steyer managed until 2012. Farrallon invested in coal mines in Australia and Indonesia, as well as in tar-sands oil, which is strip mined, processed to extract the oil-rich bitumen, which is then refined into oil. It’s an interesting career change and about-face.

Steyer founded NextGen Climate, an organization immersed in green cronyism. NextGen is a 501(c)(4) organization, and the NextGen Climate Action Committee is a political action committee fighting the Keystone Pipeline. Steyer said on the NextGen blog that while climate change had not always been on his radar, he came to believe he could no longer invest in fossil fuels – after becoming a billionaire.

Many call Steyer a “ridiculous hypocrite” who built his multi-billion dollar-fortune by buying up foreign coal. But now Steyer uses his coal and energy fortune to try and manipulate the California and national political processes.”

TS is as crooked as any democrats hedge fund operator. So much of his research has been scrubed that only a few know his dirty tricks.

Sounds like a joke (it isn’t) but let’s also not forget that in April 2018 (at the kickoff of the Covid govt lockdown thuggery) Tom Steyer was named (by Gov Gruesome) to be co-chair of an 80-member “task force” that was meant “to guide the state’s economic reopening and recovery.” Oh, brother!

correction: *April 2020* (not 2018)sigh

I remember – we covered that too:

In 2012 Steyer was pushing Prop. 39 to require businesses headquartered out of the state to use the “single sales factor method,” in which their tax liability is based solely on their amount of sales in the state. At a Sacramento Press Club event in which he was the guest speaker, I asked Steyer, “There have been many news stories of your own investments into green tech companies, and green businesses. How many of your businesses would benefit from an infusion of this money?”

Steyer looked incredulous and said that he had no idea that people were saying that about him, but that his businesses will not benefit.

Steyer added: “I don’t think Prop 39 is going to change many lives.”

He’s not used to getting actual questions about his motives and actions.

Wow, thanks for that, Katy. I KNEW there was a superior article to the CalMatters one I posted but didn’t go deep enough. And oh yeah, Prop 39! Also don’t know how I forgot about Steyer’s financial backing of “No on 23” from 2010. Prop 23 would have deep-sixed AB 32, the so-called Global Warming Solutions Act.Everyone reading this should go down the rabbit hole of Wayne Lusvardi’s Globe article links to Steyer’s ‘early years’ of crashing onto the California scene as well as Katy Grimes’ 2012 Calwatchdog article (and I’m sure there are many more going even farther back) with ITS unbelievable bombshells (some quoted above) on Steyer, in order to learn even more about that disgusting scoundrel and phony greenie. It certainly looks as though every necessary exposure of Tom Steyer was brought to us and put on the record early on from the reporting of Katy Grimes and Wayne Lusvardi. Which isn’t at all surprising.Steyer and his stunning chutzpah, greed, and overbearing hypocrisy have been around for a LONG time. His presidential campaign slogan would have more accurately been “Tom Steyer: Doing Vast Amounts of Damage to California and Beyond Since (at least) 2010.”

Awesome recollection, Show!Maybe Newsolini will borrow that slogan from you😉“Doing vast amount of damage to California since 1996”

The grift is real people, Climate Change is the biggest grift of all.

I’m glad you think so, Cali Girl, but now that I’m a million years old the stuff I thought at the time I’d never forget I have to look up again. And guys like Steyer like to scrub themselves from the internet. So it’s good that many of his shenanigans are recorded again here. For now….Yes, as you know and as we can see, the powers are going full bore on ‘climate change’ post-‘Covid.’ Guess we’ll see if it works for them or not. Sure hope NOT.

Sounds like Tom handles questions from Sacramento’s most intrepid reporter as adroitly as have Gavin and Moonbeam in the past.

I feel funny referring to Katy simply as a ‘reporter’, when in reality she’s a glittering jewel of colossal brilliance.

Somewhat-related FYI (sigh):“California’s Heat Pump Fantasy”

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